En maskin som är mycket lik vår modell Exp-403 men med den ytterligare aspekten hastighetsstyrning av filmvagnen. Spännsystemet på Exp-303 är en bromsplatta i motsats till dragfjäder , som ger en jämnare leverans av filmen täthet.


Stretch Wrapper Standard Features:

  • 1650mm turntable
  • 2200mm wrapping height
  • Disc brake stretch
  • Home position: the turntable always stops at the same position
  • Choose between 0-9 wraps at the top and bottom of the pallet
  • Features both automatic and manual wrapping cycles
  • Up and down wrap cycle or up only
  • Reinforce wrap
  • Turntable speed and carriage speed both adjustable
  • Adjustable pallet height photo sensor
  • Adjustable tension with quick release
  • Soft start and stop
  • Machine can be paused during cycle
  • Reset button returns the carriage and turntable to the home position
  • Trouble shooting shown on screen
  • Magnetic brake holds turntable still during loading/unloading
  • Top sheet secure function

Stretch Wrapper Standard Options:​​

  • Multi-positional ramp for hand pallet trucks (1200 kilos maximum load weight)
  • Extra long ramp for use with powered pallet trucks
  • Pit Frame
  • 1800mm Turntable
  • 2600mm & 3000mm Wrapping Height  (Special Order)
  • Horse Shoe Style Turntable (Special Order)
  • Pallet height sensor for dark loads

Stretch Wrapper Specifications:

  • max. wrapping height: 2200mm
  • max. turntable speed: 10rpm
  • max. loading weight: 2000kgs
  • roll width: 500mm
  • film roll outer dia: 250mm
  • film roll inner dia: 76mm
  • machine footprint 1650mm x 2563mm
  • power supply: single phase 0.8 kw

Stretch Wrapper Safety Features:

  • conforms to current HSE legislations
  • safety cut-out on film carriage and control panel
  • height limitation sensors
  • 520mm gap between the edge of the turntable and the nearest fixed point
  • Anti drop film carriage

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